I participated in another anatomy workshop this weekend. I know, you’re probably thinking I am a total anatomy nerd at this point, and guess what? I am! On the menu for this past weekend was Yoga Tune Up® Integrated Embodied Anatomy (are you starting to sense a pattern?). I have taken anatomy many times before in different arenas but this has been the most challenging and most rewarding intellectually, for sure. The amazingly intelligent and insanely compassionate Sarah Court, (sarahcourtyoga.com) led us through the anatomy trenches. On more than one occasion, she blew my mind with her perfect metaphors to explain biochemical relationships that previously were nothing more than words on paper. 

What is Integrated Embodied Anatomy, you might ask? From the manual by Jill Miller, “Integrated Anatomy is a process of understanding that the human body is inextricable from its own form.” Yes, we learned muscles, nerves, tissues, etc., but we also learned that in our bodies, the pieces all come together to form the whole and that no layers can be distinguished or discovered without physically separating and creating them with a scalpel. This was the perfect companion piece to the dissection course as it was the nitty gritty science-y aspect, which complemented the sensory experience of the dissection.

This weekend was also a reminder that to be better teachers we must still be students. I am always open to new things, and because of that, am always learning and would not have it any other way. While sometimes scary, I enjoy feeling like I always have more to learn, because honestly, we all do. Don’t be afraid to not know something. Don’t be afraid to be corrected. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Sometime when we embrace the fear, you learn something amazing, like the fact that your fascia, due to its chemical composition, is thixotropic, and can be gel or fluid like, depending on a variety of factors, one of which is amount of movement. So unless you want to turn into a stiff, glued down mess, keep moving, because as the wise Sarah Court says, “MOTION IS LOTION!”