Have you ever considered how important your big toe is to walking? It plays a critical role in walking, running and jumping, but tends to be very weak because it’s constantly covered by shoes.

Don’t believe me? Take your shoes and socks off, stand barefoot, and try to lift and lower JUST the big toe.

If you’re not able to, chances are your awareness and proprioception of the big toe could use some improvement.

In fact, strengthening your big toe will help to reinforce your arch and stabilize your ankles, which is critical if you’ve ever had a sprained ankle, have poor balance or suffer from plantar fasciitis.

And the arch supports that you’ve been told you need? It’s more likely an issue of weak feet and strengthening your feet may allow you to ditch the inserts pain-free!

All you need is a thick rubber band, which you can find on broccoli in the produce section at the grocery store.

Check out my video below for the how-to!

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