I know I spend lots of time harping on how you should make time for yourself and exercise or do yoga, but there is something else that you should make time for – your loved ones.

My mom and I have a bunch of TV shows that we enjoy watching together. Even though we both have crazy long schedules which include starting the day before 6am and ending after 9, we plop ourselves in front of the TV every Monday for some “Bunheads”. If you haven’t seen the show yet, find it online and watch it, because it is hilarious and has tons of heart. We don’t always vegetate in front of the TV, although some days do require total relaxation during viewing. Mom and I use the time to reconnect, work on stuff, or exercise (foam roll and abs anyone?). Due to our busy schedules, we’ve carved out time for each other. To find the time wasn’t without struggle, but we stick to it each week, and as a result, we have a great relationship. When you make an effort to spend time with someone, they definitely appreciate it. And if they don’t, maybe you should reevaluate if they are worth your time?

Your yoga will help you in your personal relationships, as you learn to listen rather than react to stuff. See how your relationships grow and flourish with the new you, and then spend some time developing them as well.

Moral of the story is this – spend time not only on yourself, but also those you love. We only have one life, so surround your self with people you love, and spend time with them!