Sometimes it’s lonely being the only person in a group who advocates for self-care and pain-free living through precise posture and movement. I remember a yoga teacher telling me that she couldn’t always stand in Tadasana because it looked too stiff. I think it’s too much work to undo the asymmetrical stiffness created by not standing in Tadasana, but I digress. It’s not always comfortable to be the only practicing a different set of ideals.

Even if others agree with you, some are not brave enough to express their beliefs publically. As humans, we love to be a part of the pack – it feels so much safer in a group. Being the lone sheep is precisely that – lonely. And if we were in nature, you’d be a lot easier to pick off for a predator’s dinner.

Thankfully, we’re not in a world where there are actual predators who will have you for a meal, not physically at least, but it is challenging to stand up for your beliefs when voices louder than your own expend tons of energy telling you that you are wrong.

So what to do when you are at the forefront of a self-embodied revolution? When you will no longer stand for doing poses or exercises because they look cool, but insist on movement that will enhance you posture and performance? Be the change.

When we lead by example, others will follow. You will start to pique the interest of others who want to know your secret – how did you get rid of your pain? How did you increase your deadlift weight? How did you improve your Downward Facing Dog?

Don’t be a sheep – be the change you want to see in the world.