Change is scary.  Thought of a new job or a new opportunity, new house, EEEKKKS!!

But change and challenge are excellent for you. They help you to grow as a person and try (and accomplish!) things you never thought possible.

You honestly can never be 100% confident of what you are capable of unless you try. And taking the first step towards the vast unknown is terrifying.

A step I took towards the unknown was the first time I tried CrossFit. As with any potential media story, you only hear the extremes, so I was scared that I was going to barf or break myself in every workout. But I did it anyways. And then I did it again. Now, I’m hooked.

What I love most about CrossFit is that every workout challenges me to test the limits of what I am capable of. Not that I never thought of doing a pull-up, but when you’re in the middle of a workout and it says do a pull-up, you do it.  And you keep doing it and you continue to improve and get stronger. Every time I walk out of the gym feeling so dang confident and badass. I may have only lifted 20lbs that day, but you better believe that I’m crazy proud that I LIFTED 20 LBS TODAY!!!

I’m not advocating that we should all run out and do something that terrifies us, but within reason, a little fear is healthy. How can you ever know what you’re capable of if you never try? The more I push myself to try new things or attempt things I don’t think I’m good at, the easier it gets.

You will never find me at the top of the platform dive, but I am continually amazed that I am STILL writing this blog almost 2 years later!

What scares you? Today, I challenge you to pick one thing that you’ve been staying away from because of fear and climb the mountain and conquer it! You may be surprised in how amazing you never realized you are =)

If you’re stressed about your task today, check out the video below for a super interesting TedTalk by Kelly McGonigal about stress and how to make it your friend. Stress is only as negative and “stressful” as we allow it to be ;)