Here is a list of the top excuses I hear from people on why they don’t do any stretching or soft-tissue work at home. I’d bet money that these excuses are also interchangeable for anything else in your life you are thinking of starting but haven’t started. 

1.    I don’t have time. I know you lead a busy life, we all do, but how much of your day is spent productively? How many times a day do you check your Facebook? How much time do you spend watching TV? If we planned our time better (me included), we would have more time to do the things we love and need. Just as you would make plans for a date, following a new diet plan, or for exercise, you should be doing the same for dealing with your mobility and flexibility.

2.    I don’t know what to do. Really? That was covered earlier this week, get with the program. =)

3.    I don’t have the proper tools. While having the proper tools will make the most change in your tissues and help you reach your pain free goals, do not let that keep you from trying! Cold cans of sparkling water make great substitutions for rolling the bottoms of your feet after a long day of high heel pavement walking, while a tennis ball will help you unwind knots and trigger points in your upper back. If not having the fanciest Brand XYZ model is what’s keeping you from starting…make do with what you have. I have used a plastic water bottle in a pinch to roll out a cramping hamstring. When your tissues get gnarly, it’s time to get creative.

4.    I am a visual learner.  Lucky for all of us that we live in a digital age. YouTube is FULL of ideas for stretching and soft tissue mobilizations. One of my teachers, Dr. Kelly Starrett, has both a website and a YouTube channel overloaded with videos for every conceivable movement imaginable. Another mentor, Jill Miller, has many DVDs on her website,, and is the creator of the Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls (available on her site as well). Videos are a great place to start, but once you get the idea that nothing is off limits, try everything and anything to get the most out of your mobility time, as it is precious and limited (we all have lives to get to!).


If you are still looking for guidance to jumpstart your new pain-free life, look for a Yoga Tune Up® class in your area. You are always more than welcome to join me, but if we’re not neighbors, I understand.

What are you waiting for? Get off your butt and onto some balls…here’s to better posture, no pain, and kick-ass performance (in whatever it is you do)!

Looking to really get things started? My Hip Helpers workshop is THIS WEEKEND in Glendale. Hope you can make it!