Taking breaks from what you do is important no matter what you do all day. Our bodies and minds aren’t designed to do the same repetitive action over and over again. When we do, the brain grows weary and the body breaks down. In class you are encouraged to take child’s pose (from your knees, sit back onto the heels as you rest your torso and head on the ground between the thighs, hands reaching forward) if you need a break. You should take the same advice off the mat and into your day. When you no longer feel productive, take a break! 
Although we are socialized to be work-a-holics, its important to take a mental health break every once in a while. Maybe you need to play solitaire (its my new obsession) or maybe its just changing the task you’re on to give your brain a break. But don’t rest for too long! Child’s pose is only a few breaths of the class time, but it helps you to keep going. 
So do the same for your brain, and take a mental child’s pose!

Please note that taking an actual child’s pose while you’re supposed to be working is not recommended. Come to yoga class instead =)