I wonder if Cleopatra ever felt fat. Or if Amelia Earhart ever thought that her bomber jacket was a bit too tight. Have women always yearned to be something they’re not? Or is that just the cultural norm?

As women, we are always comparing ourselves to others, from clothes, to shoes, to hair, to body shapes and sizes. The grass is always greener on the other side, and you would be so much happier/wealthier/whatever if you only had what she had. Why do we always want what we are not?

I am usually very happy with the gifts I have, materially, spiritually, and in my career, yet occasionally, a little voice creeps into the back of my thought reminding me that I am not enough (fill in the blank).

Why does this happen? Why are we always telling ourselves that we should be something that we will never be?

The first layer below your skin is your fatty layer. Within the fabric of the superficial fascia, is the first fluffy layer that is filled with fat. We all have it, and we all need it. The texture is beautiful, and visible throughout the material world. You know those cloudy days when you look up in the sky and it is dotted with similarly shaped and sized clouds? Your superficial fascial layer looks just like that. I look up at the clouds and marvel at their beauty, so why can’t we look at our bodies and have the same thoughts?

For me, I am most confident when I am putting in the most effort. When my body and mind are able to carry me through grueling workouts and blissful yoga sessions, I feel like I can take on the world. But when I get lazy and don’t workout for three weeks? I feel like a blob. I know that these thoughts and feelings are only my own, and that no one will ever see me as I see myself, but shaking them off is harder than just slapping on the sneakers and moving.

Whoever invents some process that allows us to see ourselves as others do will be a millionaire. Why do we accept how hard we are on our self all of the time? What good are we doing by continually breaking our confidence down, even if the entire process is internal? In my classes, I try to create an environment of self-acceptance. Regardless of your level of fitness or flexibility, you are who you are, and that IS AWESOME. Now if only we could take that thought with us for the rest of the day…

So today, lets all make a pact to be nicer to your self. That doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect and not have a single thought that isn’t positive, but if those nasty thoughts do creep in, meet them with the opposite, and have a better day.