Today I brought home my doggie life partner, Ella. After meeting (and not connecting) with another dog, I met Ella (formally Lucinda) at the Glendale Humane Society. I called on Saturday and went down to meet her. As soon as they opened the gate into the “Bark Yard”, this sweetheart came running towards me. My heart melted…and is still melting. I have been reading books and looking online for resources, tips, and tricks on how to make the adjustment of bringing a dog into your home the easiest for both of you. As I was researching, the thought kept creeping into my mind if I would be a good doggie mom.

I think with many situations, we are always the first to doubt ourselves. Whether its taking a new class in an unfamiliar situation, meeting the in-laws, chances are you’ve probably had the thought “am I enough?”

During the last yoga course I went to, we had to teach a 6-minute class. It was absolutely nerve wracking to teach unfamiliar new material in front of 24 peers and the instructor. Before we began, she had us take Savasana and think about the best mantra ever – I AM ENOUGH.

I am enough. You are enough. We are all smart enough, strong enough, and brave enough to do all that we have to do. You have studied long enough to do your best on the test. You have read enough books to be a good mommy. We are all learning how to do it in the game of life, so rest assured that you are doing your best and you are enough.

I know this is what I’ll be telling myself for the next few days. Although with all the chicken treats I’m dropping around me, I don’t think Ella needs much convincing =)