Did you know that if you removed everything from your body that was not connective tissue, you’d still basically look the same? One major component of connective tissue is fascia, the gelatinous body wide web that forms the living seams, structures, protection and repair system of your body (Jill Miller).

fascinating fascia ae wellness what fascia is and how it works

How your body moves or doesn’t move, heals or doesn’t heal and your physical structure is all dictated by the health of your fascia. But how much do we really know about this living soft tissue scaffolding?

Check out this episode of Anatomy with Alex where I dive into the details of Fascia-nating Fascia!

You’ll learn:

  • What fascia is made of
  • The types of fascia
  • Why fascia is important
  • Fascia’s role in scar tissue development
  • Types of fascial injuries
  • How movement affects fascia



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