If you ever wanted to start your day off on the wrong foot, I suggest reading the newspaper first thing. Every article is about someone being killed, scammed or brought down in some way. The business section is usually a safer bet, but even then, you are slapped in the face with the financial reality of the country. So how do you get through the day when it seems like everything is on the fast track to nowhere? 

As my dear friend Bradley Cooper reminds us as Pat in his latest film, you have to look for the silver lining in every situation J. This includes the mundane day-to-day tasks we have to do. This includes the terrible situations that happen all around the world on a daily basis. We need to step up as human beings to help out others, but how do we find the courage and motivation to do so? Find the silver lining – the ease of which a smile appears on a child’s face reminds us to see the joy in things. Are you drowning in a pile of work with no end in site? How lucky are you to have a job when so many others do not. How lucky are we to have a roof over our head and technology to connect us to the rest of the world. 

The world sucks. Until we stop pretending that our universe does not exist outside of our tiny bubble, it will continue to be that way. But we can start to make a change in our realities by being more optimistic. You will certainly drown yourself in misery if you focus only on the negative aspect of things. Being positive is challenging, so is walking for some people, but it is possible for all of us to achieve. 

All that we are arises from our thoughts, and with our thoughts we create our reality. –the Buddha


Your reality expands beyond the end of your nose, and if you can make a positive change in your life, it will spill into others, and from then on exponentially grow. Fixing the world’s problems doesn’t end with posting a photo on a social media site or texting the Red Cross to deal with it. We need to make real changes in our daily existence – our thoughts, our actions, our relationships – to make a change in the world. We are all connected in this world and have seen time and time again how the actions of one can dramatically and profoundly change the lives of others for better or worse. 

So please practice acts of kindness to yourself and others as the New Year begins. If we all took a millisecond more than we currently do to care about someone else, to thank a stranger, or to look up and acknowledge the beauty and joy that surrounds us, I truly feel the world will be a better place. 

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