Are you shoulders a pain, both literally and figuratively? If lack of movement from inactivity, work, or injury is causing you to lose range of motion in your shoulders, its about time you did something about it. If its been years since you tried, no worries! Our bodies will always adapt to new things, even the bad ones.

Today’s video is a quick shoulder exercise/stretch you can do anywhere, anytime. All you need is a strap (or belt, or towel, or blanket, or walking stick, or broom…you get the idea) to floss your shoulders. Make sure that you are standing properly (see here), and that you don’t let one shoulder drag the other along or bend your elbows. The first few times you do this may be a bit iffy, but as long as you are honest to your range of motion and mobility, you may start to see improvements…just by doing this!

This is a MUST do if you sit at a desk all day to maintain (or improve) you shoulder mobility. Try it out and let me know if you make any improvements!

Ps. Ella makes an appearance in this video in her Cozy cone, the hottest new trend in Puggle fashion. Can you spot her?