AE Wellness Forearm Fixer for Wrist and Hand pain

We spend more time than ever on tech devices that continue to get smaller and smaller. While it’s great to have a super computer in your purse, your forearm, wrist and hands might have a different opinion.

AE Wellness Forearm Fixer for Wrist and Hand painHow often are your hands empty? No purse, cell phone, holding hands with someone else, but truly 100% empty? If you’re anything like me, the answer is probably not very often. As humans, we interact with the world around us through our shoulders and hands, so it’s not entirely our fault. But as we continue to turn to technology to do things for us, our grip strength will continue to wither away.

Typing is a very repetitive action, as are most actions our hands do daily. Just think about yesterday and some of the things you touched or held. I’ll wait…;)

Chances are they were very small, very light and in your hands all day.

This constant gripping of super light objects has led to an over tension and weakness of the muscles of your forearm. It was about two years ago when I decided I was tired of the constant shoulder and neck ache and began to introduce hanging into my movement vocabulary. I have since been able to increase my grip strength and can support my body weight and am insanely proud of the ability to FINALLY do a pull up! Plus, I no longer have an achy shoulder or neck after a day on the computer.

Check out the video below for a super easy way to help undo the tension of your forearms. Its seriously so simple, we have no excuse for not doing it daily (myself included!)

If you have carpal tunnel, wrist pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain or ANY pain of the upper limbs, this is a MUST for your self-care routine.

Try for a minimum dosing of 2 minutes per side, but feel free to spend longer (just be sure to spend the same amount of time on both sides).

Get the products used in this video HERE


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