Did you know that there are people that think that you, as a human, do not know enough about your own body to treat it? That even though you’ve been lugging around the same piece of meat for the last XX years, that there is no way that you, as a normal person, know how to take care of it. That if someone put a tool like a Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball or similar implement in your hands, you would be more likely to do damage than make improvements?

Its like we’re moving backwards in time – reverting to the olden days when the priests felt that we weren’t smart enough to need to know how to read the Bible, and so it was put into languages only they spoke. Whenever knowledge is reserved for those at the “top” of the pyramid, there is a serious dynamic that is created, and in my opinion, should be toppled.

So here’s the gist, if you have come to any of my classes in the last 8 months, you may have noticed that things are a bit different than your average yoga class. We use Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls and specific poses to uncover those dark and scary corners of your body that has gone untouched and undiscovered for years. You may find that things are a bit iffy in there, and then we do something about it. People are making serious changes in their bodies; profoundly affecting their posture, performance, and pain. I am all about power to the people – it is your body, you only will get one in this lifetime, and it is much easier to take care of it than it is to nurse it back from injury or surgery. Yes, there is a time and a place for every movement professional, from chiropractic, physical therapy, body workers, orthopedic surgeons and everything in between. But I do not feel that you must only rely on someone else to take care of your body.

Yes, there are some people that will never check the oil in their car ever. And I am sure that they don’t care to. But are you going to tell me that you will wait until your engine falls out of the car in the middle of the street before you do anything about that clanking noise its been making for the last 5 months? And I don’t know about you, but I find it annoying to have someone telling me how to drive, when to drive, and what I should be doing with my car.

The same goes for your body. When you use self-massage and precise stretching/exercise techniques, you can uncover areas where your body is making movement errors and take steps towards fixing them. You can build a better sense of your self and proprioception so that your balance improves. You can decrease tension in areas that are worn down and out because of your postural habits so that uneven pressure is taken off of your spine and other joints. You can strengthen your body in a good position and in turn, improve your posture. There are endless ways you can improve your mechanics on your own. And you do not need someone else to tell you how to.

The pendulum is swinging back in the other direction. Instead of relying on others for our health and wellbeing, we are retaking back the control. Reclaiming what has been and will always be yours to use, abuse, and destroy. So what will you do with it??

I hope the answer is to shape yourself into the most ferocious YOU that you can be. Stand tall, be proud, and know that you know enough to control your health.