I think I have found my calling! I am in the middle of a yoga training that combines anatomy with movement to help people be more acquainted with and pain free in their bodies. It’s like anatomy lab all over again as we discuss fascia, muscles, myofibrils, actin…OMG I could go on and on.

I lately have been dealing with the idea that all I was doing with my degree was teaching yoga. So very western of me to lump the entire definition of my being into what I get paid to do, but I kept thinking back to the countless hours studying cardiac, exercise, and regular physiology and was disheartened to think that I wasn’t using any of it. In my classes I do use more specific anatomy terms than your run of the mill instructor, but I wanted more. As part of the training, I purchased this book called A Physiological Handbook for Teachers of Yogasana by Mel Robin. You remember those fat textbooks you had in school that had plain black text with two columns of stuff crammed onto each page? This is one of those. And I couldn’t be happier!! Not that I am going to explain in detail calcium ions and mucslear contraction while you are trying to manage Tree pose, but I am so excited to have some science to back up what we do and talk about in class. I am 100% Geeking out, my friends.

Here’s the moral of the story – we all should learn to trust the process a little bit more. Let go of your expectations of how something should or shouldn’t be, and enjoy where you are right now. As long as your intensions are pure, you will find you are right where you need to be.