So if you’re been missing Holla for some Mala updates, you’re not the only one. I have been busy traveling! This week I am in New York City for the ECA fitness show with Booty Barre. ECA is a large fitness convention that brings together fitness professionals from all over the world. People are taking classes, certifications, seminars, and dropping into the expo for cool and new fitness products.

That would all be grand and exciting, but WAIT, there’s more! A monster blizzard is on its way, expected to drop almost 14 inches of snow in the city! I have only seen it snow a handful of times in my life, mostly on ski trips with the family when I was a tiny tot. Woke up this morning to take class with Jill Miller on Prenatal Pelvic Progression-Preventing Post-Pregnancy Prolapse. There is nothing more magical than walking through Times Square as snow falls around you. OMG. It was amazing. None of the New Yorkers noticed me, but I was beaming with glee on my way to class! SO COOL.

Ask me tomorrow how I feel about the snow when I’m trudging through it on the way to the expo. Haha

We also had the wonderful opportunity to go see The Book of Mormon last night. I have seen it in LA with my mom at the Pantages, but it was super cool on Broadway as the theater was smaller and more intimate. I could see the sweat on Matt Doyle’s (Elder Price) face. It was also fun to notice the similarities and differences in the show as it has only been a few months since we went to the Pantages. The intimacy (oh la la) with the cast was better on Broadway, but I liked the cast on tour better. But hey, that’s just me J. I think I’m a bit biased because the guy in the cast who is singing about the maggots in his hooha was so hilarious in the touring production. Funny how that is the make or break it piece of it for me?

On the list of To Do’s for this trip is getting to Shake Shack. It’s my one cheeseburger a year. And it is AMAZING. I guess an unavoidable To Do is to survive my first super snowstorm. BRING IT ON!