I don’t know about you, but the way I start the day sets the tone for the rest of the day. I used to hate when I would wake up late and have to hurry to school because I spent the rest of the day feeling anxious and as if I was rushing around. The same goes for the opposite; when I sloth around and take forever to get out of bed, the rest of my day is very slow and not as productive. What is your morning routine? Do you climb out of bed, not opening your eyes until the first cup of coffee is in front of you? Now don’t get me wrong, coffee is wonderful, but you have all the tools you need to get your body and mind going in the morning! (You can imagine where I’m going with this =))

There is nothing better for your entire being then starting the day with some yoga. You don’t have to start the day with a headstand; in fact, I think that would be way too strenuous for an early morning practice. But you could definitely start the day with some simple hip stretches and spinal twists. Add at least a minute of breath work (focusing on just the breath or something more fancy like alternate nostril breathing) and you’re set for the day! All of this can be done in five minutes or less. Plus, you can be energized and ready to start the day before you even roll out of bed.

If the tone of your day is set by your mornings, starting out with a clear mind and relaxed body will keep you going all day long. The best part of a coffee independent kick-start? It doesn’t have an expiration or wear off. By starting your day with yoga, you allow yourself to be present and be your best self all day long. That’s much more than caffeine can do.

Yoga helps us to connect with our true self, dropping all the pretenses and masks that we may have built up during the day, week, year, or lifetime. By clearing your mind and body, you open your day to all possibilities by removing any limitations you may have set on yourself.

So try it out! There are photos below of the two stretches I suggested. See what your Friday will bring if you start your day off with some simple stretches and breathing. Then share your fantastic Friday experience in the comments below!