If you’ve come to class anytime in the last 3 years, you’ve probably heard me mention that I needed to make a video on how to get your grippy YTU balls out of their tote. Good news! I finally did it! I finally got around to making a bunch of videos that I’ll be releasing each week for the rest of 2016. Stay tuned on YouTube, here and on Facebook for the latest updates.

So why did toting and untoting your therapy balls plague me for so long? The therapy balls are best stored in their snug grip tote and the tote is useful for specific techniques such as rolling up and down your shins for shin splints or keeping the therapy balls close together as you roll up and down your spine. When it came time to untote the therapy balls for a different technique, people struggled with how to quickly get their grippy therapy balls out of the VERY snug grip tote. I know that newer versions of the tote are made of a different fabric that allows easier slide out, but my class set is vintage, so my totes are extra grippy ;)

Enjoy the video below for my ninja tip to quickly tote and untote your YTU Therapy Balls!



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