This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity to come together with the top Yoga Tune Up® teachers from around the world. This is a group of some of the brightest and most creative people I am privileged to call my friends. 

While working with partners on a task, I was teamed up with the brilliant Brooke Thomas, of Fascia Freedom Fighters. I have been dealing with some morning foot pain and haven’t been able to put a finger on the source. Just a little bit of stiffness/discomfort in the morning, and as soon as I am up and walking around, all is well. I asked Brooke what she thought and the first thing out of her mouth was “What about your calves?” Of course they were tight! I recently changed my running pattern and began jump roping more regularly, so it made perfect sense that my calves would be tight. Brooke also introduced me to the best Achille’s release you can do for your self – put an Alpha (ball) on it! It sometimes takes a friend to point out the obvious to help you gain perspective.

I have always been an external processer, but for some reason, my pride was getting in the way. You know that sly voice in your head, “how can you help other people with their pain if you can’t even deal with your own foot pain?” Sssh!! Toss in a little fear (I am running my first 10k tomorrow) and I created myself a perfect insecure storm.

We don’t have to be self-reliant 100% of the time. Our friends, family, and communities are there to help our development and progress. While it may seem like some groups don’t play as nicely as others, as humans we are social creatures. Being an extrovert, I have to speak with people daily. If more than 24 hours go by without me speaking to another human I get a little batty. The key is finding balance in relying on yourself and others, and also providing credit where credit is due. Some of my greatest achievements are based on ideas and encouragement of others, and I am not one to claim full responsibility. (we can all thank Leah Miller for inspiring me to start a blog J)

Do you have an issue that has been plaguing you? Try running it by a friend or colleague…their perspective may be just what you were missing!

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Put an Alpha on it – Level 1. Keeping the foot slack leaves a little bit of give in the whole system.


Put an Alpha on it – Level 2: tucking the toes under puts the calf (Achilles, Gastroc, and Soleus) on tension, allowing you to create more shear and length in the system with the Alpha ball.