How much activity do you do in a single day? How much of your day is spent sedentary (without movement) compared to movement time? We have morphed into a society that must schedule time for movement, and many argue that they don’t even have the time for that. Many years ago, movement was the norm. The times have changed, our work requirements have shifted, but no one seems to have told our bodies that, as they still demand movement to stay healthy.

As a Strength and Deconditioning specialist, I spend my day moving and teaching others how to move more efficiently.

This week, my Wednesday schedule looked like this:
7am CrossFit
9am Walk the dog
11 – 12:30 Private Yoga Tune Up session
7:30 – 8:45 Group Yoga Tune Up Class

While it is more than the average American, there were still more than 4 hours yesterday afternoon that I spent sitting, either at my desk at home, at the kitchen table, or at the yoga studio working behind the desk. I do my best to break up the day, taking 10 min breaks on the hour to do walking lunges and a couch stretch, but a large portion of the day is spent sitting on my derrière. This time doesn’t even include the driving time to and from each activity, which probably equates to another 2.5 hours of sitting.

My point is we need to move more. The health issues that are plaguing our country are a combination of a terrible diet (TWINKIES, REALLY!?) and being sedentary. Instead of thinking of how you need to schedule exercise into your schedule on a weekly basis, just try to move more on a daily basis. Even just committing to taking more trips to the water fountain, which will force you to take more trips to the bathroom will make you move more.  You cells crave activities of any type, and respond in positive ways to them. Osteoporosis? Your bones are signaled to become stronger when forces are applied to them, such as walking or engaging your muscles in a variety of activities. Add to that a healthy diet filled with unprocessed foods (seriously, no more Twinkies), and you are on your way to a healthier life!

The beauty of being human is that nothing is permanent. Just as it took you however many years to get your current state of being, it will take some time to readjust. You will be a new you in a short time, as your cells are constantly turning over. Did you know that your blood cells turn over about every 120 days and your fascias rebuild every 2 years? You even have all new skin cells every 30 days! As your cells rebuild, it is possible to lay down a new foundation for better positioning, movement choices, and eating habits. Our cells do not discriminate, and will change to whatever we ask of them. Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent, so be sure that you are making changes for the better.

It doesn’t have to be huge or radical, even one tiny commitment to more movement will move you in the right direction…literally =)

If you are looking for some inspiration  try dancing along with the Madagascar cast to “I like to move it”. You’ll probably get a good laugh in and work the core a bit too ;)