Have you ever said something that you thought was stupid? I’m sure we all have at some point. It wouldn’t bother me much if I could let it go, but I ruminate. I run over the scenario and the conversation over and over again in my head for days after the event. I am sure the other person forgot  – probably even seconds after we spoke – and yet here I am, still worrying about it two weeks later.

I’m human. Ego, stress, the breath – they all seem easier to help someone else with. Why is it always so difficult to take your own advice?  

In Savasana, or final relaxation, the body rests while the mind stays focused. I think there’s a common misconception that mediation is to clear your mind completely of thoughts. That’s not possible, even for the sane among us. What you should try while you relax is to let go of thoughts, the breath, and any tension. Thoughts will come to mind – and when they do, let them go. Imagine laying out in an open field on a beautiful day. As you watch the clouds in they sky, they continue to move past you, regardless of what you are doing. You can’t hang on to one cloud, one shape, or one idea, because it will float on by. You can do the same thing with your thoughts as you relax. Acknowledge every thought that comes to your mind, and then let it go. The next one will float to the front of your consciousness and you do the same thing – let it go.

So I will try and take some of my own advice and let it go. I am sure no one else remembers how silly I sounded ;) And besides, I am sure it’s just a matter of time before I say the next silly thing that I will brood over for weeks to come.