So after the shipping debacle of 2012, I thought you may appreciate the update on how Canada went. It was awesome! The convention was very successful and the Canadians are super nice. I was there to attend the 2012 Canadian Fitness Professionals Expo. The majority of people there were attending classes – being certified and recertified in every type of fitness brand imaginable. I was at our booth meeting tons of people who are jazzed about brining a barre program into their studios. Everyone was really open and receptive to what we had to offer, which makes selling it to them much easier =).

The most memorable thing I saw was something to do with yoga (of course). There is a large fitness company that offers choreography to group exercise instructors. Each month or so, new choreography is given, but the instructor is not able to deviate from the choreography they have received. On a quest to fill up my water bottle, I stepped into a HUGE room in the convention center. There were probably 300+ people in there following along to a woman on stage that was doing yoga – but this time it was called “Body Flow”. the names were different and the alignment cues weren’t really there, but I know an Utkatasana when I see one.  If I ever have the opportunity to teach to that many people, it will be awesome and amazing and I will be so grateful for the chance, but all I could think about was how many people were probably not in alignment with the potential to injure themselves. And the best part? The person leading the class had back up yogis. Yes, just like J.Lo has her backup dancers, this gal had her backup yogis! To each their own, I suppose, but it made me appreciate the intimacy of my classes in the studios =).

I safely made it out of the convention with only one purchase in hand, which is a record in itself for me, and hope to be back next year. If you workout at all, I highly recommend that you go to a fitness conevention in your area. Exhibitors range from brand new fitness products, to food and supplements, new class formats, and clothing. All of my favorite things =)