If you’ve been doing all the things: like stretching, massage and yoga, and your pain still hasn’t changed, it’s probably because you don’t need more stretching – it’s time to get stronger.

And while it might seem counterintuitive, one cause of muscular tension is because the tissues are weak and the nervous system tightens them up as a protective measure to avoid further overstretching/injury.

Your brain and body are smart – and are on a constant journey to keep you safe. But sometimes, keeping you “safe” is detrimental to your movement. In this case, there is a solution, but until you’ve landed on it, it can feel like nothing is working.

So, if all the stretching in the world isn’t making a difference for your neck pain or hip tightness, try a different path (that includes strength building).

But should you ignore the suggestions to “rest up” if you’re in pain?

Not entirely – move only in ways that are pain-free. If something causes discomfort – back off and figure out how to work around it. Is what you’re feeling pain? Or is it just sensation? Ultimately, you’re the only one who knows the difference between “hurts so good” and just plain “hurts”.

But please, don’t stop moving altogether.

One of the ways I use this with clients is with a pull-up bar. All of us (myself included) lose upper body strength unless we use it. Before I started hanging regularly from my pull-up bar, my neck and shoulder would ache from too much computer use.

Quitting computer use wasn’t an option and hanging solved that by strengthening my upper body from fingertips to neck. As my grip strength improved my neck pain also improved.

Now there’s certainly more to the story – I did a bunch of other stuff too like regular self-massage, strengthening my posture, and taking breaks as needed, but building upper body strength was a critical piece of it.

What about you? Is there something you’ve been trying to resolve on your own but your stuck in a rut?

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