Time to get ready for baby! Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise while pregnant to help your body and mind prepare for the physical demands of labor and a newborn. Approaches to prenatal yoga depend on who you ask. In some circles, the work is simply to make room for baby, and mom is along for the ride. I believe that prenatal yoga is amazing for both mom AND baby. If your health care provider has given you the OK to exercise, make sure to find an instructor who is experienced in prenatal yoga. You may certainly attend a class that is not prenatal, but know that your teacher may not be able to make pregnancy specific modifications for you. Chaturangas are not as fun/easy when you have an extra 30 lbs strapped to your front.

The benefits of prenatal are similar to non-prenatal yoga. Mom can experience:

·      An increase in energy and mood

·      Relief from leg cramps, back ache, feeling of breathlessness

·      Better sleep at night

·      Increase in strength and stamina, which is definitely needed for labor!

·      A maintenance of tone in the pelvic floor, which can help prevent post partum pelvic floor issues (incontinence, prolapse of organs etc)

·      And more!

 An hour-long class focusing on the relationship between body and mind also helps Mom bond with baby and relax. Pregnancy is only 9 months; so make the most of it while you can. Studies have shown that women who practiced yoga during pregnancy had a decrease in preterm labor, experienced reductions in physical pain, stress, and anxiety. See article 1 and article 2.

By staying fit and healthy during pregnancy you are starting from a better place to keep up with the emotional and physical demands before and after birth. Baby (and your partner) will thank you for taking the time to do something for you! You’re a Mom (or Momma to be) and you deserve it.

Ready to start? Join me Mondays and Wednesdays at Yoga at the Village in Glendale, CA for prenatal yoga at 7:30pm.