The recent news stories (cough Lance Armstrong cough) are very focused on coming clean – on telling the truth, and I started to wonder about why we do the things we do. Why do you do the right (or maybe even the wrong) thing? Who do you do it for? Is it for you or for an external source?

I learned from a very early age that I would be caught if I didn’t do the right thing. There was no use telling a lie, because I would be found out, and it became quickly apparent that even doing the wrong thing, regardless of who witnessed it, would come back to bite me. So I stopped even trying. I stopped being “naughty”. I stopped pretending that I could get away with it because apparently, I could not. What is my reasoning for being honest and doing the right thing? I don’t want to experience the wrath of God, plain and simple.

But why do others do what they do? Are they honest only because it is in conversation with a loved one? Or maybe they are intentionally dishonest because it is with a loved one?

What about for attention? Do you do the something just for the response you get from others? Do you do something just because others are watching?

Are you ever dishonest with your self? I see this in class frequently – someone pushing far beyond their limits to do the pose as they think it should look. Not only are their ego and pride getting involved, but they are also being dishonest to their body, flexibility and well being. Looking “good” in a pose you shouldn’t be doing for the duration you are in it is only fun for a millisecond. You only set your self up for the potential of injury – which will really make you look silly ;)

My hope for the world is that we can all do the right and just thing because we know it on our hearts to be true. Not for the attention it may bring, but because it is simply the right thing to do. 

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