Lately, I have been binge watching Dog Whisperer. While everyone else is freaking out over Breaking Bad, I’ve been worried about the psycho Chinese Crested who cannot be contained by her owner. Cesar Millan always stresses how the handler must maintain a calm energy to take control of the situation…funny how that also plays out with human-to-human relationships as well. 

I believe that the energy you project 100% affects the world around you. You may only be aware of the immediate surroundings and their reactivity, but I think we influence more than we think. Don’t believe me? Watch the movie I Am by Tom Shadyac, he has the scientists to back it all up. 

You know when you set a goal and work towards achieving it? You’ve channeled all of your energy into a single focus, and the chances of you completing the goal are incredibly high. Why don’t we use this thinking for all types of goals? How many times have you told yourself, “That will never happen” and subsequently give up on an idea? Even if others think its crazy, what if you instead focused your energy on the dream? You probably would end up either reaching your goal or getting something much sweeter in return!

When you aim high for a goal, sometimes you have to let go of things that are holding you back. Although they may have previously been an anchor point, they can then literally become a drag, preventing you from achieving your dreams. This is where we allow fear to come in – the fear of not having enough X, Y, or Z if we give up A. But if you keep A, you will never get B. OH, THE DECISIONS!

This week, I challenge you to set your sights on one goal. Anything. Maybe it’s just to remember to recycle the toilet paper roll, or to get out of bed early to exercise, or to not allow that pesky co-worker to get under your skin; you’re in control. Then, channel all of your energy into this goal…you will probably be surprised at the wonderment that will ensue =)

I offer you a suggestion goal: to reflect on all the awesome you have already accomplished. At the Yoga Tune Up Leadership Summit, we had to reflect on our achievements as a way to help us write our bios. Sharing it with someone else also helped bring into focus goals that you may diminish, but are truly something to brag about.

Today, I completed my first rope climb. This is not something I would have even considered possible 6 months ago. When I started CrossFit, my goal was not to do a rope climb – I only wanted to improve my fitness and understand the physical demands that were being placed on my athletes to better tailor my mobility classes. Looking back, I realize how many firsts I have completed: first rope climb, first strict push up, first pull up, first time taking anything more than a baby’s weight overhead. In theory, they are somewhat simple accomplishments, but again, I did not set out to achieve them, they just happened. This is the power of the reflection. When you take the time to look back you allow your self to be in awe of the amazing YOU. Stillness speaks volumes when you let it happen.

What will you channel your energy in to this week?