Have you heard of Arthur and DDP yoga? If not, watch this video, it is pretty amazing. DDP Yoga is a brand of yoga that was created by a wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page, that has recently gained a media presence after Arthur’s YouTube video went viral. It’s an amazing video. You can’t argue that. To lose 100lbs and transform from being unable to walk without assistance to doing headstands is amazing and awe inspiring no matter what it took to get you there.

There is some skepticism in the yoga community because of how DDP yoga is being branded and advertised as a commercial product. Many feel that this goes against what yoga “is about”, and therefore DDP yoga isn’t really yoga at all. Not being too familiar with the program beyond their website, if this is what it takes to get people to calm down and introduce their bodies and minds to yoga (or some form of it), I am all about it. Even with the crazy wrestler man who is WAY excited.

I am sure that when Bikram was first introduced the yogis got their mats all in a twist. Besides, DDP has already told us that it’s “not my mamas yoga”. And I don’t see my Mama doing headstands anytime soon. But she has found her calm, her flexibility, and relief from joint pain through yoga, as I am sure Arthur has found with his DDP Yoga.

Here’s to embracing the new kids on the playground. I’m sure we all just want to have fun…

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