As tempting as it is take a rest week, or two, or three, recent research has found that inactivity as short as two weeks can create changes in blood chemistry, insulin sensitivity, and cardiorespiratory fitness.

In other words, not moving in some way every day is changing your body on both a physical and a physiological level.

What does moving daily look like? It doesn’t mean you have to spend two hours getting sweaty in gym clothes.

Moving every day means setting yourself up for variety in how your joints move AND are loaded. AKA a lot of the same thing/shapes/moves day in and day out aren’t serving your body and tissues to their fullest capacity.

Think of it like food – if you ate hot dogs, three times a day, seven days a week, even if they had no antibiotics, growth hormones, artificial ingredients or chemical nitrites, were humanely raised and gluten-free, you’d STILL be missing out on key nutrients.

The same goes for your movement.

Use it or lose it is no joke – if you’re not asking your body to move and stretch and get stronger on a regular basis, you will lose the ability to do so.

And I think it goes without saying that neither one of us is getting any younger – so why give Father Time a leg up?

What’s the easiest way to get stronger, more flexible and set your body up to be more resilient to injury? Start (and stay) moving.

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