Have you ever taken the chance to notice all that is around you? More than just using your eyes and visually taking in your surroundings, but to also hear and feel the universe around you? I recommend you try it, maybe even now, because it allows you to appreciate the world that much more. 

This observation is a mini-meditation in itself. See if you can close your eyes and begin to listen. Right now I can hear the gentle hum of our ice cream maker, the bird singing along, the buzz of the electronics, and birds outside. See if you can feel the chair you’re sitting in – is it hard or soft? Smooth or texturized? What about the clothes you are wearing? Can you notice every point on your body that clothing is in contact with? Take the tactile sensations a step further and see if you can notice not only what your skin touching the clothing feels like – but can you feel the clothing touching you? Can you feel every bit of air touching your skin? Can you feel your heart beat within your chest?

If you are able to take just a moment out of your day to notice the world around and within you, you may begin to appreciate all the little things it has to offer. You may even find that as your perception of the world around you changes – your environment may change as well… Use this practice in observation when life gets stressful or you feel like things are spinning out of control. You can always control your focus and bring yourself back to this state of peace and calm, regardless of what is going on around you.