I like to think that there is a river of ideas that flows through all of our realties. All of the best ideas you could ever have are in there, and are yours for the taking, if you’re ready to accept them. We all have equal opportunity and chances to snatch the next great idea out of the river, but the only difference between you and the next person is if you’re listening.

Yoga helps us to calm down and be quiet in our bodies. For me at least, that allows me to clear my mind of the clutter and open it up to possibilities. It’s like cleaning your room (which I need to do more often btw). Once you’ve cleaned and put everything in its right place, there is room for something new and amazing, or maybe you discover something that was there all along. I like to think that our minds are the same way. If we don’t take the time to clear them out a bit, they get bogged down and don’t function well. But with a regular yoga or mediation practice, we can clear our minds (and bodies) of the junk to open the space for something new and amazing.

So try it out today, either during a breathing practice (see my video on How to Breathe) or during savasana. Who knows, maybe you’ll get the next great idea!