This past week, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with two of my closest friends in beautiful Portland. Although one friend lives outside of Portland, my travel companion and I had never been to the city. We made a list of some things we wanted to see or do, and the rest was an adventure. It really made me appreciate and acknowledge what a gift it is to live in the moment. Yes, we need to have goals and make plans (making it to the Waffle Window for example, you seriously need to go there), but the gift isn’t the destination as much as it is the journey. There is a lot to find when you stop and smell the roses.

Portland is an amazing city that I will certainly come back to. Excellent transportation and neighborhoods that each have different vibes and treasures to discover. Did you know that Matt Groening grew up in Portland and many of the street names are Simpson characters? There are streets named Quimby, Flanders, and Lovejoy, to name a few. There were more than a few occasions when we chose to walk to our next destination, rather than ride the bus, just so we could take in all that Portland has to offer. Since I come from a desert climate, it was amazing to see the variety in plants and flowers. Gorgeous tulips and lush greenery surround you in Portland.

This can be applied to our yoga practice as well. When you practice, the goal is not to get to Savasana (some may argue with that) but to experience each pose and breath throughout the entire class. Yes, Savasana at the end is a great treat, but would it be as amazing and relaxing without all of the middle stuff? No, which is why we must be present in our bodies, in our minds, and in our lives, each and every day. Though we may start training ourselves to live in the moment on our mats, I challenge you to live in the moment today. When you are walking out to your car after work, feel the air on your skin, the sun on your face, and the pavement under your feet. Take a moment to notice the universe around you and be amazed by Mother Nature.

Make your plans, have your goals, but appreciate each step it takes to get you to where you are today.