I always stress to my students how important it is to love the body you are in. Granted, you may not like the way it looks or works, but look at you in your downward dog! It is beautiful! Without this body, you would not be able to do all the wonderful things you do throughout your day, including your yoga.

One of my fellow classmates during my teacher training was a wonderful young woman who, as a result of an unfortunate accident, was in a wheel chair. One day, as we practiced teaching to the class, she said the most beautiful statement that I will never forgot. As she instructed us to hug our knees into our chest, she said, “Love your legs”. A simple comment really, but coming from her, it meant so much more. And completely true, as we should love our legs, they take us everywhere we want to be! They allow us to drive a car, stand in Warrior 3 and move about our environments with (or without) ease. And if you didn’t have them, it would all be a bit more difficult.

While we are not always dealt the hand we want with our bodies, maybe you feel that you have too many freckles or your arthritis causes you to have pain in your knees, we all should practice gratitude for the life and physical body that we have.

If your body has any discomfort or pain, which may lead you to not be so grateful for it, maybe you should try yoga =). As you move through the stretches and the breathing, you may find that you move easier and become more comfortable in your body. The hope is that when you can respect your body for the things it can do, perhaps you reduce some stress in your life. Perhaps you stand taller, walk prouder. Perhaps you find the confidence to do the things you love and overcome life’s setbacks.

So love your legs today. They got you where you are.