In the past few days, I have been reminded the benefits of yoga by others. Yoga is not an activity that you can do for one hour a week, and then not touch again until next week. As you commit yourself to a regular yoga practice, you will find that it permeates throughout the rest of your life. Even if your posture doesn’t instantly improve, you may find that you notice when you aren’t sitting tall and make an adjustment. You may notice when you’re standing with your feet and hips all wonky and as a result, bring your body back into alignment. All of these tiny little adjustments help you to feel better in your body each day. So many people have commented to me that when they miss class, even if they’ve only been coming once a week, they feel a difference. Those little aches and pains that were gone when they did yoga regularly return temporarily. 

The people who practice yoga realize the benefits. Why else would they keep it up? Most people who are familiar with yoga have heard of some of these benefits. Even if they don’t realize that it help your digestion and calms your nervous system, they know that it will help you to increase your flexibility. But what is stopping them?

The most common excuse I hear for not practicing yoga is “I’m not very good at it”. For all of you who have ever thought of practicing yoga but have been hesitant to try, no one in your class will be paying attention to you. As humans, we are so wrapped up in our own bodies and minds that most people will be too concerned about what they look like to pay any attention to you! And the beauty of yoga is that you are never “good” at yoga. We are all students of the practice, from our first experience on the mat until the last. There is always something you can learn from your practice that day, whether it is to let go and be content with where you are at, or maybe you learn how to get your foot behind your head (I’m still working on that one haha!).

We become stronger and more confident as people by trying something we never thought was possible. Yes, you may never be able to touch your toes…and that’s okay! Even if you can’t touch your toes, you may find that after each practice, you spend the night sleeping like a baby. And who wouldn’t want that peace?