When was the last time you got to play? Not necessarily dressing up as a fairy princess and prancing around the back yard, but had the opportunity to do whatever you want, just because you could?

As we get older, play is no longer socially acceptable. It’s just for children. But play is so important for our bodies and minds. If we stick to the routine and monotony, we’ll turn to mush. The universal principle in our bodies is “Use it or lose it”, and nothing can escape that.

This is where yoga comes in. In class, you have the space to be creative and let go. There is no competition and showing off won’t bring you anything. You get to explore different poses and try new ones. You may fall. Or you may float into a posture with ease. But you’ll never know unless you give it a try. The confidence you build in class when something that was once super challenging becomes accessible helps you off the mat as well. Where you once had a million excuses why you couldn’t do something, maybe you now think, “what if?”  You may discover new things about yourself and your reality all of the time, just because you were willing to play and try something new.

Now all of this fun you are now having may make you feel a little silly. Get over it. We all knew how to play once before, why can’t we play now?

So get out there and play! Sometimes all it takes is doing something for you =)