Full Body Therapy Ball Kit


Get the most out of your new plan with the FULL BODY THERAPY BALL KIT, which includes:

  • a pair of therapy balls to get into the hard knots of your upper back, neck, shoulders,
  • a large therapy ball to really get into your tight hips, lower back, and larger muscle areas,
  • a specialized grippy massage ball to custom inflate for full-body relaxation and abdominal massage,
  • AND stretching strap with handles because heck yesss

(This kit includes the Movement Mavens Therapy Balls, ALPHA ball, Coregous Ball, a strap and automatic *free shipping*  for domestic orders only 🙌)

Add on the 100% cotton canvas Therapy Ball Storage Tote for just $9 (normally $12)

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  • Storage Tote is 14″W x 18″H
  • therapy balls are 2.75″ in diameter
  • large therapy ball is 3.75″ in diameter
  • specialized grippy massage ball is 9″ in diameter
  • stretching strap is 8′ long

Additional information

Weight N/A
Storage Tote

Nope, just the Full Body Therapy Ball Kit, Yes, add the Therapy Ball Storage Tote


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