There is nothing better than shaking up your routine to discover your weaknesses. Or at least for me! I love to exercise. My weekly rotation includes All About You Boot Camp (every type of strength training and cardio you can imagine), Yoga (obviously), running (now with the pup), the occasional Booty Barre class, and sometimes workout videos at home. I love the constant change of routine for two reasons: 1) I don’t get bored and 2) trying something new snaps me right back to reality by highlighting where my weaknesses are. There is nothing like trying something new and struggling to really motivate you.

This week I was doing an awesome Yoga Tune Up® at home video called Coregeous, that uses specialized integrated total body workouts to strengthen your core (and the rest of your body) from the inside out. I thought my abs were strong, and I can usually “out core” the next person, but try balancing on a block while your legs hover? Now, that’s hard!

Just when my ego starts to get bossy, I find myself in a situation that snaps me back to reality. It is so important to have these reality checks to keep you grounded! Whether it’s family or friends who keep your head out of the clouds, or just a workout routine that literally kicks your butt, keeping our bodies and minds constantly working towards the next goal.

Fortunately (or is it unfortunately?), I always share my new learning with my clients. So for those of you with rocking sore abs today, you can thank Jill Miller and not me =)