So now that you’ve revamped your schedule and are making time to improve your body and mind, I hope you’re taking advantage of the glorious minutes on your mat. When you come to yoga, it’s the few precious minutes each day that you only have to work on yourself. You only have to think of your body, how it reacts and responds to the poses, and focus on the breath. And that takes effort. But this effort will pay off.

With your new sense of calm and clarity, you will react less and listen more to your friends, family, and partner. You will have a clear mind helping you to be more productive at work and home. And with your increase in flexibility, your long hours sitting at your desk won’t wreak such havoc on your body. Not to scare you too much, but there is data that shows that sitting down for too long is doing you more harm than good!

Yoga helps you to recharge your batteries after a long day or keep the energy going at the start of a new one. Its just like on the airplanes when the flight attendants (stewards, stewardesses?? What is it now days?) tell you to put your oxygen mask on before you help anyone else. If you’re cranky, irritable, tired, or stressed, you are no help to those around you. So do yourself and the world a favor and take care of yourself! With yoga, of course.

So get your butt out of the desk chair and into a yoga class. And do yourself a favor – when you’re taking Savasana at the end of class (final relaxation)? Take the time to relax and clear your mind. Don’t worry about yesterday, today, or tomorrow. All we have is now.