In the first few weeks of every year, we are inundated with suggestions of how to improve our life, health or body by making resolutions. I don’t know about you, but resolutions usually just make me feel guilty when I slip up, leaving me feeling like a failure.

I’ve read a few things this year that inspire, rather than discourage me from creating new habits in 2015. One of my favorites was about living in the now. We spend so much time focusing on the future or feeling bad about the past that we forget to pay attention to this exact moment. Instead of worrying about what new resolution or workout you have to do later, tomorrow or next week – focus on what awesome things you are doing in this instant. I, for one, am feeling pretty badass about finally crafting the time to write a blog! #winning 

Another new resolution that is uplifting is the #OtterMyMind meditation challenge with Jill Miller. It’s so simple and easy to do that it can be done anywhere. I have found that it is also incredibly helpful to focus and calm yourself for sleep. Where I used to think of a million different things and all the blogs I could be writing, I now focus on my breath and heart beat. It truly is that simple. Check out the video below (email subscribers will have to click THIS LINK to keep watching) to get the info on the challenge!

My challenge for you in 2015 is to stop worrying about the SHOULDS, COULDs, or MAYBEs and join me as we get #OtterMyMind and into a more focused place.

Why Meditate? Check out this article from MindBodyGreen: 7 Lessons (Some Embarrassing) I Learned After Writing A Book About Meditation – “Studies have shown that compassionate people are healthier, more popular and more successful. Moreover, there’s research that suggests a meditation can actually make you nicer. This is the ground upon which the mainstreamers and the McMindfulness critics can and should meet. As I call it in 10% Happier, it’s the ‘self-interested case for not being a dick.’ ”