There is nothing better as an instructor to have a client come to you, overjoyed, because they had an ache or pain and were able to manage it on their own. Their own breakthroughs are 1004820 times more exciting than one I have guided them through. Why? Because it is 100% theirs. 

I don’t ever claim to heal people with the touch of a palm – I simply lead and encourage my clients to a place that fosters healing. Sure, I could stretch your neck and help ease your neck pain, but wouldn’t it be better if you learned better posture, stretching, and self-massage techniques to do on your own time?

We are living in a renaissance, where the knowledge of self-care and manual for the human body that was once reserved for the intelligentsia, is now being released to the masses. There is so much information available to us now that was previously only taught in professional schools, and not always very well. Different circles and schools of thought are coming together to discuss many topics that we used to accept as fact.

Here is a fact that I know to be 100% true – Pain is not a natural state in the body. Pain tells you when something is wrong and it is a signal that should be respected and dealt with. You also do not have to accept pain as the norm. Don’t claim that you don’t have time to do something about it, because you cannot work at 100% efficiency in whatever you do (mom, doctor, secretary, etc) if you are in pain – it’s just not possible. Do yourself a favor and seek out those who can help you if you can’t help your self.

So much of my own practice has developed from my practice the day before. I do something that feels good, work on things that need improvement, and then move on. The next day is always a blank slate as each day is different, for my body, my sleep, and my focus.

Pain is not weakness leaving the body. Pain is your brain saying, “HOLD ON. This is not right!” Respect it. And then kick it out!

I push for people to take responsibility for their health because we can no longer rely on others to take care of us. While you must of course ask for help when needed, defaulting to and relying on others to take care of your body is expensive, impersonal, involves instruments, scans and scalpels, and usually ends with a big bill. Self-care is the new health care. Relying on yourself never looked or felt so good ;)