I strongly believe that self-care should address your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. And while I focus on the physical parts more often than not, sometimes our pain isn’t purely physical.

Sometimes pain and stress manifest in the form of constant exhaustion or feelings of frustration and being out of control.

Sometimes it’s having a short fuse and feeling completely overwhelmed with the way things are.

And sometimes, it’s full-blown depression – as it was for my client, Tracy.

Tracy graciously allowed me to ask her a few questions so you could hear, in her own words, the impact that developing a movement based self-care practice had on her life.

“…what I noticed when I started working out trauma, and anxiety and depression through my body is I immediately slept better.

I immediately stopped having panic attacks before I went to bed at night.

I immediately stopped feeling jaw pain, and shoulder pain, things that clench up when I don’t even know because I’m just anxious.

I could breathe better, my mind was more focused during my mediations.

And these are all things I noticed within a week an a half and I was like ‘oh my, this stuff works!’”

Click here to watch my case study with Tracy and hear her talk about what it was like to take back control of her body and mind.

And if you’re ready to take back your own control – we should really talk. I have 2 spots open in my calendar this week for anyone who is ready, willing, and able to do what it takes to be pain-free every day (and it’s not as complicated as you might think). Click here to book time with me.