If I had a dollar for every time I witnessed someone doing a squat incorrectly, I’d be a few bucks richer. It’s so fascinating to me how a basic human movement has been warped by different movement philosophies over the years. Couple that with lack of movement overall as a culture, and we are left with some pretty gnarly and nonexistent squats.  

A squat serves a purpose. There’s a reason why other species are able to squat and why humans in other cultures still utilize squats on a daily basis. The easiest way to get something off the floor is in a squat. Best way to relieve yourself? You guessed it – a squat.

So why don’t we squat anymore? In my opinion, it is because we live in a culture that sits. A lot. Think about today:

  • You sat at the kitchen table and ate breakfast

  • You were seated in your car on the way to work

  • You are seated now at your desk

  • You may go out to lunch and sit down

  • You will sit in your car on the way home

  • You will sit at the dinner table

  • and you will most likely sit in front of the TV for a bit tonight.

We spend a majority of our day moving from one seated position to another. Yes, you should do your best to keep moving throughout the day, but I think we need to do more. We should be incorporating a squat into as much of our day as possible. Now, some of you may be thinking, “I hate squatting, and am not able to even get into the position”. That’s awesome! Now you have a clear goal of what to do with your myofascial work (Therapy Balls for fluffy buttocks, anyone?).

Squat to fill your cup at the water cooler, squat to pick up your pencil, squat to sit down on the floor to put on your shoes. See how many ways you can incorporate a good squat into your day. You may be surprised at not only how much you are squatting, but how it gets easier, and some of your regular pain or discomfort changes. IT’S LIKE MAGIC. Only it’s not magic – it’s mechanics.

Not sure how to squat? Check out Katy Bowman’s awesome start up guide to the squat and get squatting! Katy Bowman – You Don’t Know Squat