Are you a slave to pain? Are you afraid that your current diagnosis is a life sentence? Whether you’re in chronic pain, have a recurring injury, or regularly require pain medications to get through the day – there is a solution. The key, believe it or not, is as simple as picking up a copy of The Roll Model by Jill Miller. I am proud to call Jill my mentor, teacher, and friend – and you can easily appreciate the more than 16 months she spent writing The Roll Model as you flip through 432 pages that are filled with the science of the body, it’s structures, and how to erase your pain in easy to follow steps with beautiful illustrations and pictures (including some pictures of yours truly).

Yep, that’s right – you are a self-healing organism and already have the tools needed to HEAL your body fully and completely. Regardless of how long you have been in your current state, with some understanding of how the breath and body intermingle, you can improve the overall state of your body. From the way you stand, to how you move, to how you sleep, you will learn everything you need to know to rebuild your body in these pages. Jill has boiled down what you need to know about fascia, soft tissues, breath mechanics, and my personal favorite – self-massage with Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls.

My life was changed forever when I met Jill and began to learn about self-care and soothing my tissues and nervous system with my breath and therapy balls. I have since spent years learning all I can about the body, fascia, and pain physiology in trainings, books, and hands on studies. I have become a student of my body, but the process was not quick and easy. Man, how I wish this book was out 3 years ago!

Instead of learning it my way – grab a copy of The Roll Model, read it for yourself, and begin your own process of discovery and healing. The book sums up what I have spent years studying with descriptions that are so clear, anyone can understand them. From reading The Roll Model, I am able to finally grasp complicated biomechanical concepts that my university professors could never make sense of. The Roll Model goes above and beyond any book or DVD out there – instead of following choreography, you will learn how to take the next steps to rehabilitate your body – without doctors, surgery, or pain pills.

Don’t’ believe me? You simply need to read the Roll Model Success stories within these pages of people who have used the method to recover from botched surgeries, soothe debilitating anxiety, and recover from intense physical and emotional abuse to know that this stuff WORKS.

For those who are experienced at movement mechanics and myofascial self-care, The Roll Model does not disappoint. I have learned new techniques with the therapy balls that are so creative and out of the box, I don’t think I would have ever come up with them on my own! I have also learned additional ways to describe the body to my clients that will be easier for them to digest.

Pain is an epidemic – we all know someone who is currently suffering from chronic pain or perhaps you are the one currently battling chronic pain. But I promise you; there is something you can do to change the outcome and trajectory of your life. All it takes is 5 minutes a day and a pair of balls…

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