This weekend I had the fabulous opportunity to lead the Sunday morning class sponsored by the local lululemon athletica. This was the second time I was privileged to teach this incredibly large (70+ people) class on the grass at a local shopping center. The first time I did this, I was incredibly nervous, but thankfully this time was nowhere near as nerve racking.

Before I teach, I usually come up with handful of poses that I want to do, but when I get in front of the group and have an idea of where they are in terms of experience and flexibility, the plan might change. This flexibility allows me to offer a completely different class that fits everyone’s needs every time I teach. Practicing outside lends its own challenges, as your focus has to deal with not only the normal challenges, but now you can hear the birds chirping and see people milling about. We did get to most of the stuff I planned, and yet there were some poses that were left out. The rest of my classes this week are super lucky, as I will do my best to squeeze those in this week =).

While in Savasana, the final relaxation pose, I looked across this great sea of people, resting on their mats with their eyes closed and I was reminded of how grateful I am. Every time I am able to teach people how to be more comfortable in their bodies and minds, I feel honored. We live in a world where relaxation is a foreign idea, and to provide people with the space to uncover this calm is a very rewarding experience for me. Whether there are 2 people in class or 70, all I can think is “Wow. I am so lucky”.

So thanks to all who came, both in person and in spirit, I hope to be out there again some day!