One of the questions I get asked is “what the best warmup is for X, Y, or Z?”

It would be super simple if there was a blanket answer of three things that would be the perfect solution for everything.

But we’re talking about the human body, so of course, it’s not that simple. 😜

Is it best to start with dynamic movement of the hips and shoulders? Or just stretching the hips? Or breathing?

To be honest, the best warmup is to move more.

Take your dog or cat (or any mammal, for that matter). Sure, they sleep for 22 hours a day – but what’s the first thing they do when they wake up?


And they play.

And they roll around.

And they jump.

A tiger doesn’t need to do warm up before it chases down a deer. It just runs. Because it’s survival depends on catching dinner.

Animals move their bodies and sit in ways that put their joints and tissues through as many different positions as possible. They’ll lay on one side, the other, or on their back.

Sure they might have their favorite positions, but I’ve seen about 101 variations of sleeping positions from both my dog and my cat and i’m sure your pets have 101 of their own.

We’ve forgotten that we’re not that different biologically from other mammals. Yes, we have a ginormous brain that allows us to think creatively – but to the physical structure of your body, we’re not that different from other animals.

The solution isn’t another warm up. It’s to be more human.

It’s to express your humanness through movement, exploration, adventure and play. Move your body more and you won’t need a warm up. Keep it simple and set yourself up to get stronger every day.

That is how you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way.

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