I had a client recently comment on how he felt that he wasn’t making any progress with his yoga practice. He had seen huge improvements in flexibility the first month of practice, but the second month felt that nothing had changed and he didn’t see the point.

I too have many times where I expect instantaneous change and am disappointed when it doesn’t work out that way. There is not much we can control in our lives, other than our breath and the situations we put ourselves into.

No matter how much I tried to convince this client that a permanent change in your body couldn’t be swayed by your own time frame, he was all ready to give up on the practice. Just because the transformation was not instantaneous, does not mean that yoga doesn’t work. It only means that we as humans are impatient enough to think that we can control everything.

Why would you even practice something if you achieved everything you wanted on your first go? What would be the challenge? For me at least, part of the allure of the practice of yoga is that it IS a practice. One that must be tended to daily with an open mind, knowing that today will be different from yesterday and completely different from tomorrow.

Life is always evolving. Our bodies are continuously changing. And it will never be according to our schedule. So the sooner that we can all learn to “go with the flow” the more at peace we will be with life as we know it =)