I am in a phase of my life where the best answer to all things life and career wise is “yes”. This has led me to more job and teaching opportunities than I could ever imagine and I have made connections with people, whom I never imagined I would have the chance to meet. I would like to take all the credit for the bravery for going ahead with opportunities, but I definitely was coached along the way (thanks Mom & Dad ;)). 

This made me wonder about the Yes Phase that I am finding myself in. Is this because I am young and at the start of my career? Or would it be possible for someone who already has an established venture to begin to say yes and start a Yes Phase of their own? What if the next time someone offered you an extra task, you accepted it? I wonder if this too would be the kick in the pants for a Yes Phase in your own life.

The Yes Phase is awesome and filled with exciting new experiences, but it is not without fear. I was watching Hugh Jackman’s interview with Oprah on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” last night, and they both agreed that a little bit of fear is what keeps them moving forward. Fear will always be there, the trick is to learn how to use it as a fuel instead of a brake. Fear is such a natural emotion, and will prevent you from making some incredibly stupid mistakes, but it also can hamper your growth if you allow it to rule every decision you make. If the fear is just of the unknown and stepping out of your comfort zone, go for it – you never know what may be just outside of the zone.

My current favorite part of the Yes Phase is being able to look back at the last week, month, and year and be absolutely in awe of the amazing things I’ve done, the friends I’ve made, and the potential for where I am going. I am incredibly grateful for my village of friends and family, who are always there to encourage me to say “yes” and just as supportive if things don’t work out as I anticipated them to.

The Yes Phase is not out of reach for anyone… it is there, just waiting for you to say “yes” to the adventure =)