If I were ever stranded on a desert island and was only allowed take one myofascial release tool with me, it would no doubt be the Therapy Ball PLUS.

The Therapy Ball PLUS is the slightly larger sibling of the Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls – at about 2.75” in diameter, they are the perfect size to fit into all of your nook and crannies. While the smaller therapy balls are pin point specific on a any given trigger point or adhesion, the Therapy Ball PLUS are just as specific, but not quite as annoyingly so.therapy ball plus ae wellness

The Therapy Ball PLUS feel similar to how a manual therapist’s elbow might feel on your body, but as with all of therapy balls, you will always be in control of the pressure and pace. What I like most about the TBP is that they are able to provide ample pressure over all of my body parts while still maintaining the same benefits as the YTU Therapy Balls.

When you are just starting out with myofascial release, the 1/4 inch of difference in diameter may not seem like a huge difference, but to your stiff tissues that are not used to deep touch, the 1/4 inch feels like a ton!

Because the rubber of the therapy balls is designed to soften with use, the extra 1/4 inch allows you to still get enough pressure as they break in. You can still do all of the same things with the TBP as you can with the YTU Therapy Balls or the ALPHA, you’ll just get different pressure that is not as intense as the smallest therapy balls and little bit more specific than the largest.

Not sure how to use them? You can use them in the same way as you would any of the other therapy balls and every technique is 100% interchangeable with the rubber therapy balls. Check out my videos below to get you started!

My favorite place to use the Therapy Ball Plus is for my upper shoulders and trapezius, which are often tight from computer use. Where’s your go-to place for self-massage? Let me know in the comments below!



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  • December 17: FREE Yoga Tune Up® Class at Athleta (Pasadena, CA)
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