The universe has been opening and closing doors for me on the regular, hopefully, these next doors that open are beautiful French Doors that remain open, and have delicious hoppy beverages waiting on the other side.

Last week, I presented Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls at Cedar Sinai’s Grand Rounds. It was super awesome to be back at Cedars – the last time I was here I was being born, so I don’t remember a whole lot, but it is always fun to share self-care with others. One of these French Doors that could be opening is a weekly Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball class for Cedars employees. This would be ground zero of the self-care movement. The first step in teaching people to take care of themselves is to educate their healthcare providers how to take care of themselves! Just as the personal trainer who doesn’t have time to workout or the YTU teacher who sits on the couch instead of rolling, those of us who help others daily forget about ourselves far too often.

Speaking of sitting on the couch…I think sometimes we get wrapped up into this all or nothing attitude.

  • I have to do 1 hour of yoga or it doesn’t count.
  • I need 1 hour of Therapy Ball work or it makes no difference.
  • I have to drink 8oz of water or I’ve failed.
  • I should workout X times each week or it doesn’t count.

But it does count! All of it. Instead of worrying about how much you have yet to do, focus on what you can do. Last night, I got down and rolled my upper neck and shoulder out with my YTU Balls before bed. This week, as I prepare for my upcoming Downward Facing Dog Makeover workshop at Yoga at the Village, I have been doing the Leg Stretch Series as often as possible to ensure that my hamstrings and calves are prepped to demo.

It’s not about how much you or when you do it – Nike had it right, JUST DO IT! Just make a commitment to yourself to try to incorporate a little bit of whatever your goal is each day. If you don’t get to it? Oh well, there is always tomorrow. What are you going to do each day?