They say good things come to those who wait. I say BS – good things come to those who keep knocking, keep calling, keep shaking hands, and keep moving forward. As a child, you are constantly told that if you just get good grades, then everything will work itself out, post-graduation. Grades are important, but I fear that many of us have become stagnant and are waiting for opportunity to mow us down, rather than pounding pavement trying to get it.

Actor Terry Crews was recently on the “Tonight Show” and was talking with Jimmy about opportunities. I can’t find a video of it to share, but if I remember correctly, it was about Terry’s new book, Manhood: How to Be a Better Man-or Just Live with One. He mentioned that you don’t always have to break down doors to move forward and seize opportunities; that sometimes we forget to check the doorknob and it’s often unlocked.

What a great idea – that everything doesn’t have to be a monumental struggle, that sometimes it really is as simple as just trying the knob before you bust the door down Hulk style!

To me, it’s not really about sitting idle, waiting for good things to come your way. It’s important to actively pursue whatever your going after, but know that you don’t have to be incredibly aggressive to get there. Patience is important, but patience is not the same as waiting – patience is having the collected thought to try the doorknob before you bust the door down ;)