The number one reason people tell me they aren’t moving on a regular basis or practicing self-care is that they don’t have any time.

I get it – time’s a limited resource. We can’t make more and much of it is already claimed by family, work, and other obligations.

This is the same story I told myself before I committed to practicing self-care regularly. If you can make time to brush your teeth or wash your face every day, you absolutely can make time for movement and self-care.

no time for self care forward fold hamstring stretch ae wellness

I have a challenge for you this week – I want you to do an audit of your time.

Either on a piece of paper or in the notes app on your phone, log the time you spend on every task you do for the next 3 days. From errands to work tasks to the time you spend scrolling on Facebook, write it ALL down.

You may be surprised to see how you’re actually spending your time. Perhaps instead of running errands here and there as you think of them, blocking them into one big chunk on one or two days a week will free up 20 mins so you can go on a walk.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram upon waking, what if you used that time to sit in quiet reflection, giving your brain the quiet focus it needs to be super productive for the rest of the day?

Where can you mash things together? If you find yourself sitting at your desk, could you also put some therapy balls under your thighs and work on your hamstring tension? (You might find that your lower back and knees start to feel better as a bonus)

I refuse to accept the excuse that you don’t have time when many of us spend a cumulative 2 hrs 15 mins a day on social media. Yep, you read that right, 2 hrs A DAY!

So, what are you going to shift today so you can start helping your body move with ease and feel a million times better? Let me know in the comments below! 

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